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eFunza Discovery School (EDS)

Your discovery school of choice where talent is discovered and nurtured.

We take pride in being market leaders in introducing a discovery learning system that adopts modern technologies plus access to a facility for our students to explore, experiment, experience, and connect information in order to truly understand and internalize abstract principles.
Our discovery learning approach is unique in how it presents problems to the learner with the focus on the steps and critical thinking ivolved to get a specific end result. It is a hands-on approach to create life-long lessons a learner would never forget. 
Our school is implementing discovery learning across all the major curriculums: CBC, IGCSE, and special needs education. The program is ideal for students looking for homeschooling, CBC and IGCSE, as well as special needs education (SNE) and qualification.

We guarantee a child's success through our qualified educators that deliver the syllabus in a unique and innovative way that immerses the child to even enjoy themselves.

EDS also provides a platform for kids to meet other kids of shared interests and passions and through play and fun redefine learning through contexts fabricated by EFUNZA. 

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Learning is centred around the acquisition of competencies, which are a combination of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Ideally for grade school students.


International school offering IGCSE curriculum. Platform for students to gain an internationally recognized qualification, preparng them for further education o employment worldwide. 


The focus of special needs education is to address the specific challenges and barriers that students with disabilities or learning difficulties may face in the learning environment. This can include physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, emotional or behavioral disorders, and learning disabilities.

Implementing Discovery Learning Across The Curriculums

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Phone: +254 (799) 894 632
Location: Haile Selassie St., Agip House, Nairobi