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Simon Kupalia

founder & CEO

Miriam Wanjiru


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CTO & Co-founder

Zian Azangu

director & co-founder

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"From Hilight Technologies"

Haile Selassie St., Agip House, Nairobi




An interactive STEM-based training and competition where participants subscribe for monthly subscription STEM boxes that come with thematic kits with assignment booklets.

Outcome: give students STEM knowledge and skills to enable them understand the world around them and be able to impact it in beneficial ways through innovation.

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A literacy-based competition where participants engage in weekly reading competitions and answering a set of questions based on the content provided for reading.

Outcome: improve learner’s comprehension of English text and their ability to communicate accordingly when giving a feedback.

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Equiping students with coding skills to enable them become developers and programmers and be able solve our everyday problems using software application or programs. Students also participate in hackathons. 

Outcome:  student developers who can develop websites, mobile applications, and basic programs. 

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An entrepreneurship program catering to children and students. It sets them up to be entrepreneurs from a young age. Training resources are provided on subscription basis.

Outcome: help kids discover their abilities and talents early in life and enable them to start a business around them for both social impact and personal reward.

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